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QQ - Real Estate Division Head (Japan)

Quick Questions with a Real Estate Division Head (Japan)

Our guest today is a bilingual Real Estate professional with close to 20 years’ experience in Japan across acquisitions, asset management and fund raising. In recent years has launched a new team in Japan targeting sustainable driven Real Estate investments.


What website or resource do you find the most useful for keeping up to date with your industry?

The main resources that I use the most frequently are:

Do you have any physical item or gadget that you find essential to your work?

The main items would be laptop, portable charger, wireless ear buds and an iPad which I find useful for note taking.

What has been your most impactful resource to learn since graduating your bachelors?

I did an MBA in the US during my career and also found the ARES Masters to be very helpful.

How do you organise and track the tasks you need to achieve during the day and week?

Typically in the morning I will make a quick memo of tasks for the day on my iPhone, and then I will decide what order I will handle them whilst I am commuting on the train in the morning.

On the weekend I will take 2.5 hours break alone at a café while I am waiting for my daughter’s lesson to finish and use that time to check the un-checked / un-replied emails and organise tasks for the coming week.

What three specific technical or soft skills do you think are the most important to a successful career in Real Estate:

The three skills I think are important to gain deep knowledge about are:

  1. Local real estate practice

  2. Finance (debt, equity, financial analysis skill on both real estate and corporate)

  3. Networking (real estate, debt & equity market)

Why were you interested in joining Real Estate?

Stimulation and personal growth. At the time I started my career in private equity real estate industry, it was an entirely new business in Japan, and I dove in right after my college graduation.

At that time, I saw a great opportunity to become a professional in the niche industry and put myself in a circumstance to manage important responsibilities from the beginning. It was an opportunity which no other ordinary Japanese established companies would provide to 1st year employees. I was able to take advantage of such unique environment and fast forward my learning curve.

Real Estate is essential to human lives. How it is used, and it’s demands shifts time to time so I am always able to learn and pick up new skills with the dynamics and developments of the industry.


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