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QQ - Private Equity Associate (Japan)

Quick Questions with a Private Equity Associate (Japan)

Our guest today is a bilingual Private Equity Associate based in Japan who has 7 years’ experience across Investment Banking and Private Equity:


What website or resource do you find the most useful for keeping up to date with your industry?

Nothing specific for Private Equity as we have a broader industry coverage, so general news sources like Bloomberg, FT, Nikkei, etc.

Do you have any physical item or gadget that you find essential to your work?

Since I have been working from home mostly during the pandemic I bought a curved widescreen monitor which has been helpful to use with excel as can see more cells. At the office I was used to working with 2 monitors so this has been helpful.

What has been your most impactful resource to learn since graduating your bachelors?

I have found a number of books helpful to use as a reference if there any specific areas I want to understand deeper, they are:

How do you organise and track the tasks you need to achieve during the day and week?

At the start of each week I sit down in the morning and check all the to-do’s I need to get done that week and create a to-do calendar event on every weekday at 9am, then I allocate the tasks into the days I want/need to get them complete on. Every night I will review and revise if needed.

What three specific technical or soft skills do you think are the most important to a successful career in Private Equity:

I think soft skills are key, and the 3 most important ones are:

  1. Being Personable = In PE it is important to be able to build relationships and trust with key senior management at existing/target portfolio companies.

  2. Persistence = A lot of times during the deal process there will be issues or challenges that come up, it is important to be able to keep going and moving forward.

  3. Dedication = When working on deals, the process will require a lot of time and this will mean late nights, weekends and holidays might need to be used to get the deal complete.

Why were you interested in joining Private Equity?

After working a number of years on the advisory side which was interesting, I wanted to get in the driver’s seat. In Private Equity I can see the whole process from beginning to exit.


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