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Five techniques to learn to master the art of selling yourself in an interview

For many of us, selling ourselves to a prospective employer is challenging. Here are five techniques to practice and prepare for in order to successfully sell yourself to your potential employer.

Firstly, practice speaking about yourself. You may have your pitch worked out on paper or in your head, but practice speaking the words out loud to friends, family, or the mirror. Get comfortable and familiar with talking about yourself.

You have lived a life filled with unique experiences, professional challenges and successes, and passions. The difficult part is knowing exactly which aspects of your life to speak about in an interview. Just as you would with your CV, make sure you tailor your “About Me” pitch to your specific audience. Draw from the job specifications to highlight experiences that are valuable and relevant to the company. What are they looking for in a candidate?

Don’t forget to quantify your achievements. Anyone can say “I helped increase sales”; you need to show exactly by how much, in what time frame, and in what context. These quantifiable details are what the interview will remember when comparing applicants.

Prepare meaningful anecdotes. Be a storyteller. Behavioral interview questions will be asked, so be ready to tell your story with details, specifics, and clarity. For a list of which questions to prepare your story around, click here

Be genuine and carry yourself with confidence. If you’re not comfortable pitching yourself during the interview, it will show. Practice until what you want to convey comes naturally and fluidly, highlighting your personality and experience, not nerves.

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