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Tune-up your CV

The first step for a successful job search is making sure your CV is ready... is yours?

First Impressions

Your CV will be the interviewers first look into you and your career, so making the right first impression can help you to stand out. This document needs to be concise, clear and not have an abundant amount of information that would take a long time to read. Every CV needs to have certain key components in it. These are as follows:

The Basics

  • Updated Contact Information: Your name, address, phone numbers(s), and email address.

  • Summary (optional): 1-2 opening sentences describing your experience and what you can offer a prospective company.

  • Professional Experience: Your employment history starting with your most recent job. Display all duties in an organized manner using bullet point format. Keep it concise to the most valuable experiences you have gained that are relevant to the position you are applying too.

  • Education: Again starting with your most recent and moving backward in time. Unless you are a new graduate there is no need to add any high school or pre-university education.

  • Additional Information: This is where you can add things such as: Skills (Certificates, etc), Language, Activities (E.g. if you have done any volunteering, or helped organise a conference), Hobbies. These sections are optional and you do not need to add any or all of them if not relevant.

The Layout

Now that you have an idea of the type of information to include, you need to know how to lay it out. Good information can be overlooked if the presentation is cluttered. Keep your font and format simple.

Good information can be overlooked if the presentation is cluttered. Keep your font and format simple.

Keeping your CV to 1 or 2 pages is ideal for making sure you keep your information concise, it also helps give your interviewer information that is easier to digest and conduct their interview from.

Hopefully these tips help get your foot in the door for the next phase of the process, the interview.

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