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LinkedIn’s top 8 interview questions revealed

LinkedIn, the most popular social network for job seekers, recently compiled their findings on the 8 most popular interview questions. Here’s what they said, along with a few succinct tips on how to answer.

1) “Tell me about yourself”

The trick to answering this straightforward question is to provide information you haven’t already listed on your CV or cover letter. Take this opportunity to highlight your interests, goals, and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

2) “Why should we hire you?”

Use this question to highlight specific aspects of your background, skills, job experiences, or passions, and how they directly align with the organization.

3) “Why do you want to work here?”

There are two ways to answer this question: Firstly, by using the opportunity to speak about how your specific skill set and talents will add value to the company or by detailing how the company aligns with both your short and long term goals. Prepare for both, but focus on the latter.

4) “What is your greatest strength?”

When answering, respond with a specific strength drawing on examples from your recent employment history to demonstrate why you excel in this area. Make sure to align the strength with the job description.

5) “What is your greatest weakness?”

While this question may sound like a trick, answering it correctly can help you shine as a competitive candidate. Address a weakness that is not relevant to the job, or state a minor weakness but speak about how you are working to overcome it, highlighting your dedication to continually improving yourself.

6) “What would your co-workers say about you?”

Straightforward yet difficult if you haven’t prepared, select a few adjectives you can use to show off characteristics you would like to highlight.

7) “Tell me about a time you were successful on a team”

Working well with others is essential to most careers, so prepare a concrete example that showcases how you came together with a team to deliver a product, experience, or hit a goal that could have only been achieved through successful group collaboration.

8) “Tell me about a time you showed leadership?”

This is your time to shine as the leader of a group, so make sure to prepare an answer that speaks to a time you lead a team to a success, and how this success was recognized.

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