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Preparing for a Virtual Interview

The virtual interview is a commonly used method for companies during their hiring process, be it because one of the hiring managers is based in another city/country or the world is in a pandemic like the Covid-19 situation. As with any interview, preparation is key, so here are a few tips to hopefully help you with your next virtual interview:

The Interview Basics

  • Be on Time

  • Wear appropriate clothing

Technology Check

  • Platform - There are a number of Video Interviewing platforms, such as Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans, etc. If you are not familiar with the platform you are scheduled to use, you should go to that platform's website and do a test run so you can get familiar with the basics like turning on/off video and mic, adjusting volumes, etc. This will help to keep you calm should you have any basic issue with your platform during the interview.

  • Device - Double check on the day of the interview that your device is working and does not have any scheduled updates that could force an auto-restart during the interview.

  • Power - Make sure any device you plan to use has enough battery to last the duration of the interview.

  • Connection - Check the internet connectivity of the location you have chosen to use for the interview.


Decide on the location you intend to use ahead of time, so you can go through your checks above and also test the light and sound in that area. Try to have a plain or neat background so there are no distractions for the interviewer.

Keep Calm

Video interviews can have more surprises than a regular interview as the connection may get weak or you could have your kids walk in... the most important thing is to stay calm and don't let these factors panic you.

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