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Common interview fails and how not to make them

Learning how to avoid the most common interview fails is a great way to help you land the job of your dreams.

Letting pre- interview anxiety get the best of you

Coming into an interview stressed and anxious is a sure-fire way to have an uncomfortable experience. Kick the jitters by checking out our list of 6 tips to calm your nerves.

Not knowing your CV

Sometimes older employment experiences can be difficult to remember. Take the time to go over your most recent/ relevant employment history so that you are able to explain any key roles, achievements, highlights, and awards with clarity and specificity.

Talking too fast, or rushing through the interview

Before answering each question, practice taking a breath and answering in a calm and normal pace.

Not connecting with the interviewer

As part of your pre-interview research, try to find out about the person scheduled to interview you. Utilize LinkedIn to see if you have any friends or colleagues, hobbies, past employment experiences, or places of residence in common, and build conversation around these shared connections.

Not connecting with the organisation

Pay attention to your prospective employer’s vision or mission statement, found on their website. What language do they use? What core phrases and principles stand out? What do they value? When answering interview questions, relate these principles to you and incorporate their language in your responses. Through using their language, you will be demonstrating you are a natural and logical fit.

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